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Manoa Falls

This past weekend my husband and I were craving an adventure! Well mostly just me because I had been cooped up in the house all week but that’s besides the point! We decided on hiking Manoa Falls because it was a comprise between the dear husband and I. The one I originally wanted to do was Waimea Falls but that’s a pretty far drive so we decided to tackle that one another weekend. In the end though I wouldn’t have changed a thing because we had a blast!

Getting to Manoa Falls is pretty easy if you have GPS and you don’t need to worry about parking because its a “pay to play” hike, as I like to call them, getting a parking spot is practically guaranteed. (They charge $5 to park which is super cheap for the view and well maintained trail)

Word of warning this hike can get muddy so make sure to wear clothes/shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

We did see some people who chose to brave this hike shoeless, something I have noticed a lot of locals do, but I wouldn’t recommend that because the hike has gravel laid down throughout most of it. This is because of how muddy it can be due to constant rains and high traffic.

The hike is only 1.6 miles and is not very difficult. We saw many children and elderly folk along the trail who were enjoying the view as much as we were. There was even a few expecting mothers out there this weekend so as long as its okay with your doctor there is no reason you should miss out on this beautiful hike!

All in all we had a great experience at Manoa Falls and I highly recommend this trail to anyone wanting to get out and explore this beautiful island. This is definitely one of more “tropical” hikes on Oahu and you are sure to enjoy yourself!

XOXO Taylor Mae

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List!

Well folks, its finally here! SUMMER! I don’t know about you but this warm sunny weather couldn’t come quick enough for me here in Hawaii. Its been a particularly rainy spring on Oahu and I’m ready for some beach days that don’t end in frantically packing our gear and running to the car while trying to avoid raindrops the size of my palm! I swear those storms come out of nowhere every time!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys my ultimate summer bucket list that I plan on completing this vacay! I did my best to make sure all of the items can be easily and cheaply accomplished because we can’t all vacation like Kardashians! (Although I wish I could because I’m still totally raving over their trip to Bora Bora!) Without Further ado here is THE ULTIMATE SUMMER BUCKET LIST!

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1. Take Instragram worthy pictures by the water!

  • Whether its the ocean, a lake, or the local reservoir there is nothing better than showing off those tan lines! (Or sunburns in my case lol) So suit up and make sure your camera has a full battery!

2. Have a bonfire with s’mores!

  • There is something so nostalgic and magical about that ooey-gooey goodness called s’mores! Gather your friends and family around a bonfire, stargaze, and consume unholy amounts of sugar! You only live once!

3. Take a day trip to a place you have never been!

  • I don’t know about you but day trips are my favorite thing in the whole world! So when that weekend hits, take a look at the map, pick a destination, and drive! If you can swing it stay at a local Bed and breakfast or hotel for an extra day of adventures!

4. Visit a farmers market and buy fresh local fruit!

  • Here on the island of Oahu there is nothing I enjoy more than fresh pineapple thrown onto the grill on a summers afternoon! So when me and the dear husband hit the local farmers market we are always on the lookout for a prize winning pineapple! Maybe for you it’ll be locally grown strawberries or hand picked apples, but whatever it is remember that FRESH IS ALWAYS BEST!

5. Watch the sunrise/sunset with a friend!

  • So for all my night owls reading this the sunset might a better option for you, but if you’re an early bird like me there is seriously something amazing that happens when you watch the sunrise! It totally puts me in a great mood the rest of my day!

6. Take an exercise class!

  • I’ll be honest, I hate working out in front of other people and have a fear of gyms, which my husband is trying to help me overcome, so a huge goal of mine to take an exercise class! Even though I don’t like getting sweaty in front of other people those spin classes look like a ton of fun, not mention the killer leg muscles those guys have!

7. See a movie at the drive in theater!

  • Some of my earliest childhood memories include spending summer nights at the drive in, eating popcorn with way too much butter, and running back and forth between the concession stands for more soda pop. So whether its you and the kids or some friends hit up the drive in for a guaranteed good time!

8. Go to a free concert!

  • I’ve discovered some of my favorite bands by hitting up the free concerts on Friday and Saturday nights! Check your local “news board” for flyers about upcoming concerts or even your cities webpage for updates about free events being held near you!

9. Read one book that interests you!

  • Whether it be about finances, self help, or a fiction novel take the time to sit down and enjoy a book you have been meaning to read. Maybe its just me but I always have loads of books collecting dust on my bookshelf that I mean to read but never do! Now I just have to figure out which one I’m going to read first!

10. Hike a scenic trail!

  • Oahu is full of beautiful trails to hike, from beginner levels to expert! I’m so blessed to have landed on an island that’s has so many cool places to explore! No matter where you live though, there is always something outdoorsy to do! Check online for trails and scenic parks to visit because whether you live in the desert, on an island, or in the middle of forest an adventure is always around the corner!