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Bitter Sweet Goodbyes: Making Friends in the Military

Saying goodbye to friends you’ve made along the way is probably the hardest part when it comes to being a military spouse. It is the one thing no one can really prepare you for because the bonds you create in the military community are so different from the your everyday friendships. You will go through things with one another that most normal relationships will never be tested by.

When you move thousands of miles away from your family and friends your circle becomes a lot smaller. For example when I moved to Oahu to be with my husband I had no one I really knew. I had met a couple of his friends and another spouse before moving, but I wasn’t close enough to call them friends. As the months passed by though, I was lucky enough to build bonds that I won’t soon forget.

** This is one of my favorite pictures ever! This was the day Reyes and I went down to the Honolulu Court House and got married! Since we couldn’t afford to throw a grand wedding or pay to have our families fly to Hawaii (My mom, dad and step mom though were amazing and flew to Oahu to celebrate with us) it was tough, but thanks to Rey’s friends (who soon became my friends as well) we had an amazing day! The camaraderie between military brothers is something I think few civilians will ever understand and I am so thankful they got to be there!


My husband and I recently said goodbye with our good friend Lucas. He always had a smile on his face and knew how to make the most of any situation. Lucas was always fun to be around and was really the class clown of our friend group. I will forever be grateful to him for looking out for me since I moved to Hawaii. When my husband and I would fight he would always remind us that we were good for one another and how much love we had to give.

**Lucas is on the far left, helping Rey and I lay beach blankets down because the wind was crazy that day!


When I had my wisdom teeth out this spring Lucas came to our house and made a big batch of his AMAZING mashed potatoes because I couldn’t eat solid foods. For Christmas him and his girlfriend bought me a really nice waffle maker because months before I had made the comment about how I missed my dad, and how he used to make me the yummiest waffles growing up. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever!

So even though the goodbyes are hard, and I miss the people that have moved away or that I have moved away from, I am thankful for the chance it has given me to meet others. If it wasn’t for the military I never would have met the friends we have now. I have learned so much from the people I have met in my journey as milso, not just about life but about myself as well.

** This was the night we said goodbye to Lucas when all got together for one last hurrah at the local sports pub. Good friends and good food!


The one piece of advice I can offer to new military spouses is to take every opportunity this life offers you, and don’t be afraid to reach out. You have a whole community who is going through the same things as you, so take advantage of it. Join Facebook groups, get involved in your spouses network, invite others for a cup of coffee to connect. Most importantly though, take a lot of pictures because before you know it this part of your life will be done and the pictures are what will bring a smile to your face.

XOXO Taylor Ma

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Behind The Ink: My Tattoo Journey!

If  you had asked me when I was 8 if I was going to get a tattoo as an adult my quick response would have been, “NO!” I was, and still am, terrified of needles! I get nauseous every time I have to get my blood drawn, make my husband hold my hand when I get vaccinated, and avoid going to the doctors because I have this irrational fear that I have some illness only treatable by getting a shot! Sad, but true!

My conviction changed however when I turned 16 and decided I wanted to pierce my nose. You’re going to need a little context to fully understand the implications of the situation. My mother, a free spirit, had her nose pierced when I was young and I always adored it but my father however is a very straight-laced man. He comes from a different generation and his belief is that people in general should not alter there body whether that be a lot of makeup, piercings, tattoo’s, or wild hair colors.  All of which I now have, or have done(I will have to post pics of my high school days with lavender hair!)

It took me a good few months to finally convince him that I wasn’t falling off of the straight and narrow path if I got my nose pierced, and the moment he gave me that solemn nod I was in my car and headed to the nearest tattoo and piercing parlor!

It wasn’t long after getting my nose pierced when I started thinking about wanting to get a tattoo, and the more I thought about it the more I was sure I wanted one. I knew early on the first piece I wanted to get and always had it in my mind that I was going to get the second star to the right from my favorite childhood movie and novel Peter Pan. Only a couple weeks after turning 18 I came home with my first tattoo.

  • So when I say I’m obsessed with Peter Pan, I am not lying. I seriously cried when I met his character at Disneyland, and was so giddy I could barely say even a few words! The tattoo, along with my lotus flower, was done by the artist Carlena Myers of Weiser Idaho. I had the pleasure and privilege of working part time in her shop my senior of high school as part of our work study program.

  • My second tattoo done by Carlena is a lotus flower, to me they represent the strength of women. Lotus flowers bloom in murky waters, yet they remain untainted by the surroundings they’re in. The circles around the flower represent the seven chakras; lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, aum, and ang. They remind me that I am a complex being and that I need to take the time to focus on my body, and check in with myself to make sure my health and mental wellness is good. I got this tattoo at a very uncertain and stressful time in my life and it always brings me a little light when I look down and see it. Let me tell you though, foot tattoos can be pretty uncomfortable but are beautiful when finished.

  • My third tattoo came about almost a year after my second. I was on vacation with my mother and my brother in Maui when I had the idea that we should get tattoo’s to commemorate the trip. Of course I went with something island inspired and got beautiful waves tattooed on my other foot. This tattoo was done at the shop Hula Girl Tattoo in Maui.
    • A little side note: This is also the vacation that I met my future husband! Thank you Tinder lol! I’m gonna have to write a blog post about how I found the love of my life on a site renowned for flings!

  • Here we are at my latest tattoo, the beautiful triple moon goddess symbol. I got it back in December of 2017, and had it placed on the back of my neck because I wanted it to symbolize walking away from my past, and into my future. I think the meaning behind the symbol is beautiful and will attach a link to an informative page on all the meanings behind the symbol. I had been having a really tough time, and was going through a lot of changes in my life. I was out to lunch with a friend when the idea hit me! I asked if she was free after lunch and wanted to go get tattoos. Obviously she said yes and so off we went. I called up a reputable tattoo parlor, House of Ink, and walked away two hours later sporting some new ink! Its a memory I will always love because I am not typically a “spur of the moment” gal but that day I put my fears and doubts aside and just did what made me happy.

For now that is all the tattoos I have, but I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I’m currently planning my next tattoo as we speak, and my Pinterest board is full of cool ideas that I can’t wait to go over with my tattoo artist. So follow me Instagram and stay tuned because you can bet that I’ll be posting pictures of my new ink when I have it!

XOXO Taylor Mae

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Not so guilty pleasures all twenty somethings should have!

You’re in your twenties, life is a crazy rollercoaster of emotions, new experiences, and memories that will last you a lifetime. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with following my heart and following what society tells me is acceptable for a woman my age. I’ve always been more of a low-key kind of girl, sticking to the side lines and playing it safe. It hasn’t been until recently that I have really embraced my womanhood and started to live without fears and boundaries. I still have my days where my anxiety gets the best of me, and times when that little voice in my head holds me back. Those days though are becoming fewer and fewer in between.

Anyways, what I am trying to tell you is that its okay to let go. Its okay to embrace the things you love. Find your passion in the moments and people that inspire you, and love without boundaries. I have spent most of my life embarrassed of the things I have felt deeply about, whether it was writing on forums or wanting to be more fashionable, even wanting to be a professional team roper. I would hold myself back from so many opportunities because I was afraid that I would fail and I felt that the world would judge me, but mostly that I would judge myself.

My journey to these discoveries happened when I really started putting myself first and openly and unashamedly enjoying these so-called “guilty pleasures”. Come to find out, there was nothing I ever had to feel guilty about though. The things I find comfort and enjoyment in might not be the same as yours, but I hope my words inspire you to be more open and honest about your own. The world might tell you that these things should become the skeletons in your closet, but I say flaunt it girl. You only have one life, live it well!

pexels-photo-301664 (1)


  • Girl, go ahead and buy those new shoes! Get that bag you’ve always dreamt about. Don’t hold back! Well, don’t go bankrupt either, but if you can make it work there is no reason you shouldn’t be spoiling yourself with items that make you feel like a million bucks.


  • I’m a total sucker for young adult novels. There, I said! It’s honestly really hard for me to read those self help books. Give me a book with mystery and twisted plot lines however and I’ll be reading on the couch all weekend! It took me a long time to realize that I can still better myself out without forcing myself to do things that make me miserable. Same goes with seeing movies! I never had a ton of friends in high school and was more of a loner, so I stayed home a lot. It wasn’t until my junior year that I realized it was perfectly okay for me to do things on my own. I can’t tell you enough the self empowerment I get from taking myself on a “movie date”. Being able to be alone and do your own thing without worrying about what the world thinks of you is so freeing. So rock that giant bag of popcorn for one person and read those books that inspire you!


  • I for one stink at sports, in fact I am worse than that even. I was practically banned from joining sports teams in high school, I couldn’t even throw an empty water bottle into a trash can! But if you have even a shred of talent or drive to play sports don’t let anything hold you back! Don’t let anyone say that you can’t do something and do it well because of labels the world has given you. I’ve seen how sports and being a part of a team has changed so many young women’s lives and set the tone for their future.

Self Care

  • Never feel bad about putting yourself first, never ever! Self care is, what I believe, the most important thing we can do to better ourselves. Self care is more than just getting your nails done, although things like that are still very important because feeling good on the outside makes us feel good on the inside too. Its meditating in the morning, eating the right foods, and getting exercise. We have to care for our body as a whole, and you should never feel guilty about doing what you need to do for yourself.

Personal Expression

  • I dyed my hair purple in high school and have had almost every hair cut imaginable. I’ve gone from blonde, to brunette, to a red head, to purple, and back to blonde! So believe me when I tell you that finding your style, even if it changes year to year, is okay! The world won’t end, you can still get jobs, and your father will learn to look past it! (Mine did!) Heck, if you want that tattoo or that crazy hair don’t let anything stop you because when you are 85 you’ll be wishing you did. Remember that people mostly regret the things they didn’t do instead of the things they did.


  • Writing, reading, and Netflix are my passions. I’m a total nerd but I don’t let people give me crap for that. Its what I like, oh well if its not every ones cup of tea! Find what you are passionate about and live every day filling your life with those things. I go from riding boots and mucking horse stalls, to writing a blog about makeup and saving the environment and living your best life. I’m a dichotomy but that’s just who I am, take it or leave it. When you live your life honestly about who you are you will soon find others who love you for you. That’s the best feeling in the world, knowing you accepted completely for who you are and not who others want you to be.

Ladies, please don’t ever sacrifice the things that you love to do or that inspire you to live better for people or a society that tells you its not okay. Embrace who you are without reservations because others can’t love you the way you need to be loved until you learn to love yourself. Spoil yourself, take care of yourself, and go wild when the world tells you that you need to make yourself small. Let your light shine and guide the way for others!

XOXO Taylor Mae

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1 Week Minimalism Challenge

Lets face it, we could all be a little more minimalist. America’s “keeping up with the Jones’s” culture has been taken to the extreme in this social media age! Everyday we are constantly bombarded with photos, videos, and ads of the latest and greatest. Minimalism is a great way to cut back on the “stuff” we keep in our everyday lives, and helps us realize the importance of not only the things we have, but the memories we make along the way. When we place less importance on this things we own, we put more importance on the people and things we love.

For me this means more time to spend with my husband, more space in my home for the things that I truly love, and more time to write content for you guys! So what does having more time and space for what you love look like?

I came up with this one week challenge because I needed a list to motivate myself to live a little better and clear the clutter. Plus it helps me save money which is always a bonus!

Without further ado here is my 1 WEEK MINIMALISM CHALLENGE! I hope you join me in kickstarting a life where less is more!

pexels-photo-1036808 (1)

Purge your closet

  • I try to purge my closet at the end of every season, so about every four months I go through it from top to bottom. This is a great way to make sure you only wear what truly makes you feel good, and to also make a bit of cash. I sell my clothes online or through consignment stores which is awesome because I usually end up with enough money to buy some new pieces for my closet!

Go a day without makeup

  • I definitely need to do this more often! Not only does it help you to learn to be confident in your own skin but gives your skin a break from all the harsh products that can be in makeup. I notice I always have fewer breakouts the more often I go without makeup!

Get rid of old electronics/chargers

  • Maybe its just my husband but he seriously stockpiles this stuff! Not only is he a tech-y guy but also a gamer! So there is constantly old electronics and chargers that we don’t use or need hanging around near our tv or stuffed in kitchen “catch-all” drawers. His project this weekend is to go through it all and get rid of everything we don’t need anymore!

Don’t buy anything for a day

  • This one can be challenging but totally worth it when you realize how much money you can save in single day. I challenge myself often with this because I only work part time and need to make sure my money is going to the right places. If I know I have to buy groceries or gas then I budget my money for those things but that means I don’t buy any snacks or drinks at the gas station or grocery store. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how those few dollars here and there add up!

Clean your bathroom of old or unused products

  • Okay, here is the honest truth… I’m a product hoarder! Whether its samples or full sized bottles I just can’t seem to throw them out! So when I start this project I promise myself that if I don’t absolutely love it or need it then it goes in the trash. By doing this you cut down on your clutter, time spent prepping for the day in the morning, and you make sure that only products you love and stand behind touch your skin!

Define your style and buy staple pieces you love

  • I’ll admit that I do not really have a set style and what I like changes day to day, but knowing the things that I DON’T like or what doesn’t look good on my body shape helps me make good choices when I go shopping. Otherwise I would just throw everything I saw into my cart because I’m a compulsive buyer! Besides, this a great excuse to go shopping!

Set up paperless billing and unsubscribe from magazines or websites you don’t use

  • Besides being a bathroom product hoarder I’m also a paper hoarder. I’m pretty sure I still have junk mail in my drawers from two years ago because it looked interesting. That is definitely a no-no if you are trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle! By going paperless and unsubscribing from magazines and websites that I don’t like or need I also save time and money, both of which I’m sure we could all use more of!


I hope you all enjoyed my list, and would love to hear some feedback on how your one week challenge went! I really enjoyed this challenge so expect to see similar posts in the future!

XOXO Taylor Mae


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Morning Self Care Routines You Should Be Following

We all want to be our best selves, but sometimes actually accomplishing it can seem daunting, right? Where do you even start? As a nanny for two wonderful but energetic children under the age of five, and a military spouse to boot I always struggle to maintain my calm throughout the day, and keeping my energy centered so to speak. Over time however I have found a few basic things that you can do to start your day on the right foot!

If you had asked me a year ago what my morning routine was, it would have been totally different than what it is now! I had just moved to Hawaii and got married to my husband Rey! I was 3,000 miles from home, had gone from working three jobs to none, and unlike before I had no family or friends to support me through this gigantic change in my life. To say the least I was extremely depressed and often felt like I had no purpose. About two months into my move to Hawaii I woke up one day and just knew I needed a change, and would do whatever I could to get back to the happy girl I used to be. The changes were small at first, but over time they helped me find a routine that worked. I was waking up excited for the day, and that was a welcomed change from before. A little effort goes a long ways when it comes to your personal happiness.

And it all starts with a glass of water!

Feel free to pick and choose from this list to find what best suits you and your lifestyle, this list is here to help and inspire you to start your day off right!


Wake up with the sunshine!

  • If Possible wake up to a beautiful sunrise streaming through your window rather than an alarm clock! Studies show that alarm clocks, unlike gradually waking up with the sun, can disrupt your circadian rhythm. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the sun the I recommend looking into Wake Up Lights or Sunrise Alarms.

Grab a glass of water to wake up and hydrate the body!

  • There is nothing your body will appreciate more than a cool glass of water right when you wake up. At first an entire glass might be hard to get down, I won’t lie, if your body isn’t use to it. Within a couple days though you will wake up and crave a cool glass of water, I promise! I like prepping a reusable water bottle with cut lemons, mint, and cucumber the night before, its so yummy and it gives the water a chance to absorb all the flavors of whatever you decide to add to your drink!

Stretch and meditate! Visualize your dreams!

  • I always take a moment after waking up to collect my thoughts and picture what I want my day to be like. Do I have a crazy schedule today and need some positive energy to get through? Or is it my day off and my goal is to write lots of awesome content? Whatever it happens to be that morning that you need visualize it! You’ll be astonished by the impact positive thinking will have on your life!

Find a skincare routine that works and follow through!

  • I could be fifteen minutes behind schedule of fifty, it doesn’t matter to me. I never skip out on my skin! Maybe its just because my mom was a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner for over a decade but she drilled it into my head that I have to take care of my skin, and I have! I wash my face with an alcohol free cleanser, apply my Thayers Witch Hazel Toner, pat on whatever serums I am using at the time, and then gently rub a facial moisturizer onto my face. It takes me maybe 5 minutes top so there’s no reason to skip out on this super important step!

Dress for Success, whether at work or home!

  • Wake up, Dress up, Show up! That’s the mantra my dad taught me and its what I repeat over and over in my head when I’m having one of my “lazy mornings”! Whether I am going to work or just lounging around the house I always make an effort even if it just means changing out of my pajamas into a pair of leggings and top. I don’t know about you but I always feel like more of a woman when I have made an effort to look nice!

Plan your day out in a calendar or diary!

  • I honestly own at least 15 journals/day-planners. Its like this weird obsession with trying to plan out every aspect of my life haha! I blame it on my type A personality, but my husband just tells me I’m a control freak. There is just something so relaxing about knowing what to expect from your day, at least for me anyways! It always makes every aspect of my day just run so much smoother and gives me an opportunity to make a list of things I want to accomplish.

Get Sweaty!

  • If you’re someone who always wants to exercise but by the end of the day you are too tired adding in a workout to your morning routine is a total game changer. I for one get lazier and lazier as the day goes on so working out in the A.M. is my only option if I want to get in my 30 minutes of exercise. Not to mention all the cute Instagram pics you can take at the gym or of that special view on your morning  run!

Don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day!

  • I’m a breakfast kind of gal! I swear I haven’t skipped breakfast since my middle school days. I just can’t function like a normal human being without getting some food in my tummy, and I always feel like my brain functions so much better. Not to mention it curbs those mid-morning cravings, which means fewer calories consumed during the day! There is a reason they always say its the most important meal of the day!


Feel free to pick and choose from this list to find what best suits you and your lifestyle, this list is here to help and inspire you to start your day off right! Whatever you guys choose to do with your mornings I hope that you remember self care is important to maintaining your personal happiness!

XOXO Taylor


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10 Drugstore Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Live Without!

As I was doing my makeup this morning and reaching for all my go-to products, a thought occurred to me. What are 10 things in this bathroom I cannot live without? If I was stranded on an island what would I want to have with me? Well, technically I am stranded on an island, but you know what I mean!

Let me start by saying I am such a beauty product hoarder, and have signed up for every sample box there is. So I’ve tried it all! My husband tells me I have a problem and that in ten years I’m going to end up on the reality TV show Hoarders. I want to deny it, but he’s probably right… Y’all are lucky though because since I have tried every product out there, you don’t have too! So here are the 10 drugstore beauty products that should find a permanent home on your bathroom shelves!

Links will be provided to all products via their pictures for your convenience! If you do decide to buy through the amazon affiliate links I may make a profit from it.

1. Kiss Everlasting French Nails Kit

Okay, so these little babies are seriously no-joke! Anyone who knows me knows how OBSESSED I am with these glue on French nails. I have an entire basket in my bathroom dedicated to storing these bad boys for those times when you really want to look put together, but don’t want to spend the big bucks to do so. Lets face the facts here people, not all of us can go out and spend $50 for a set of nails, or even have the time do so. With these nails I’m literally done in about 15 minutes and only spent $6.00! What a deal!

Burts Bees Eye Mask

2. Burt’s Bee’s Rejuvenating Eye Mask

So I will start off by saying that I literally have the worst undereye bags and dark circles imaginable. Unlucky for me its hereditary and there isn’t a lot I can do about them, but then I stumbled upon these eye masks! For $3.00 I figured “What the heck!” and bought a couple to try and have been in love since! It leaves the skin under eye my eyes feeling plumped and soft, reduces the appearance of my eye bags, and smells good on top of it! What’s not to like!

*Amazon does not have an affiliate link to this product as of right now so I provided the address directly to the site or you can find it at any Target store near you! 

3. Sun Bum Sunscreen

I don’t know about y’all but summer is in full swing here on the island of Oahu AND IT IS HAWT! Shoutout to my Irish heritage for my lovely yet very sunburn prone fair skin! I seriously keep a bottle of this stuff in my purse, in the car, and a couple for good measure in the bathroom incase I lose one! I like the SPF 30 but Sun Bum comes in a variety of SPF protection, and they even make a tanning oil that is the! With the hottest months of the year approaching I can’t recommend this product enough, because we should all be doing our very best to protect our skin!

4. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter

I swear I came out of the womb with this lotion rubbed into my skin. Maybe its just me but there was always bottles of this stuff laying around my house growing up. Its cheap, it comes in HUGE bottles(I buy it in the 32oz size and it literally lasts me months), and smells delicious! I have extremely sensitive skin and have never once had a problem with this stuff! I mostly use it now for moisturizing after the shower but when I was younger I would spend too much time in the sun and come home looking like a lobster so my mother would rub it into the sunburned areas and I would feel good as new by the next day.

5. Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hard on hair. Blow drying? Yes. Curling? Yes. Straightening? Yes. Throwing it up in a bun and not washing it for a couple days? Double yes! Luckily for me though I stumbled upon this magical hair mask and have never looked back. Both my husband and I are in love with the smell and will spend a good five minutes just sniffing my hair while waiting for it to soak in! I leave a bottle of this stuff in my shower and use it almost every time I wash my hair and have noticed a huge difference in the health of my scalp and hair. Honestly even if it didn’t work I would still probably use it because it smells so good!

6. Bio-Oil

So in middle school I was that kid who hadn’t grown an inch since 4th grade and then one day I woke up and I swear I was foot taller and all of sudden I had a bigger chest and a butt and thighs… AND STETCH MARKS! I was so upset about all these purple lines that had magically appeared over my once flawless skin that I had asked my mother to find a product to help. We tried a few different things but the one product that I have used consistently since then is Bio-Oil. I use this as a “toner” for my skin these days since my troubles with stretch marks are over, but it still works wonders. I only use it a couple times a week since it is too much of a “heavy” oil for a daily face moisturizer but I notice a big difference in the over all evenness of my skin and scarring from my hormonal breakouts.

7. Epsom Salt

Some people don’t classify this is as a beauty product but I can’t survive without it! I don’t just use Epsom salt in my bathtub, I use it to make really easy exfoliating body and facial scrubs(One of these days I will get around to making a post on my DIY scrub recipes!), and on those days when I’m not careful enough and get fried by the sun I use Epsom salt to treat sunburns! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this magical stuff! I use the Dr. Teal brand but any kind will do. However I have to say that the Dr. Teals Soothe & Sleep Epsom salt is by far my favorite and perfect for those nights when you just want to light a couple candles and relax in the tub.

8. CHI Silk Infusion

My step mom got me hooked on this stuff way back when and there is always a bottle on my bathroom shelf now. Its a little more expensive than the rest of the products on this page but completely worth the money, I assure you! It only takes a very small, I repeat, a SMALL amount because this stuff packs a punch! It’ll leave your hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon. I have dry frizzy hair and CHI makes it manageable in seconds. I apply a small amount after I have towel dried my hair before blow drying and even my husband will attest that I go from swamp monster to L’Oréal cover girl with photo ready hair!

9. Earth Therapeutic Sleep Mask

Like I said earlier, I have terrible dark circles and under eye bags, so any product that helps with those problems I am all for, so when I found this eye mask I was pretty excited. It has this cool concept of combining a super soft sleep mask with frozen spoons. Am I the only person who put frozen spoons over their eyes to eliminate under eye bags? I hope not! Anyways, so from day one I noticed a difference when using this mask. My eyes stayed de-puffed longer and felt more refreshed when I woke up not to mention it blocks the light from the window directly across from our bed which is a total plus! All you need to do is pop this sucker in the fridge for an hour (or freezer for about 10 minutes) and then catch some beauty sleep! Easy as pie!

10. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

I cant remember which YouTube beauty guru introduced me to this toner but thank you to whoever it was! Even my husband loves this toner and uses it all the time! Its perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry in the morning but still want to treat you skin with all the love it deserves! I noticed fewer breakouts and a more even skin tone when I used this product with an alcohol free face wash and have loved the results! Whenever someone comments on my skin I always tell them about Thayers Witch Hazel Toner because its honestly just that good!