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Manoa Falls

This past weekend my husband and I were craving an adventure! Well mostly just me because I had been cooped up in the house all week but that’s besides the point! We decided on hiking Manoa Falls because it was a comprise between the dear husband and I. The one I originally wanted to do was Waimea Falls but that’s a pretty far drive so we decided to tackle that one another weekend. In the end though I wouldn’t have changed a thing because we had a blast!

Getting to Manoa Falls is pretty easy if you have GPS and you don’t need to worry about parking because its a “pay to play” hike, as I like to call them, getting a parking spot is practically guaranteed. (They charge $5 to park which is super cheap for the view and well maintained trail)

Word of warning this hike can get muddy so make sure to wear clothes/shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

We did see some people who chose to brave this hike shoeless, something I have noticed a lot of locals do, but I wouldn’t recommend that because the hike has gravel laid down throughout most of it. This is because of how muddy it can be due to constant rains and high traffic.

The hike is only 1.6 miles and is not very difficult. We saw many children and elderly folk along the trail who were enjoying the view as much as we were. There was even a few expecting mothers out there this weekend so as long as its okay with your doctor there is no reason you should miss out on this beautiful hike!

All in all we had a great experience at Manoa Falls and I highly recommend this trail to anyone wanting to get out and explore this beautiful island. This is definitely one of more “tropical” hikes on Oahu and you are sure to enjoy yourself!

XOXO Taylor Mae

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