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1 Week Minimalism Challenge

Lets face it, we could all be a little more minimalist. America’s “keeping up with the Jones’s” culture has been taken to the extreme in this social media age! Everyday we are constantly bombarded with photos, videos, and ads of the latest and greatest. Minimalism is a great way to cut back on the “stuff” we keep in our everyday lives, and helps us realize the importance of not only the things we have, but the memories we make along the way. When we place less importance on this things we own, we put more importance on the people and things we love.

For me this means more time to spend with my husband, more space in my home for the things that I truly love, and more time to write content for you guys! So what does having more time and space for what you love look like?

I came up with this one week challenge because I needed a list to motivate myself to live a little better and clear the clutter. Plus it helps me save money which is always a bonus!

Without further ado here is my 1 WEEK MINIMALISM CHALLENGE! I hope you join me in kickstarting a life where less is more!

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Purge your closet

  • I try to purge my closet at the end of every season, so about every four months I go through it from top to bottom. This is a great way to make sure you only wear what truly makes you feel good, and to also make a bit of cash. I sell my clothes online or through consignment stores which is awesome because I usually end up with enough money to buy some new pieces for my closet!

Go a day without makeup

  • I definitely need to do this more often! Not only does it help you to learn to be confident in your own skin but gives your skin a break from all the harsh products that can be in makeup. I notice I always have fewer breakouts the more often I go without makeup!

Get rid of old electronics/chargers

  • Maybe its just my husband but he seriously stockpiles this stuff! Not only is he a tech-y guy but also a gamer! So there is constantly old electronics and chargers that we don’t use or need hanging around near our tv or stuffed in kitchen “catch-all” drawers. His project this weekend is to go through it all and get rid of everything we don’t need anymore!

Don’t buy anything for a day

  • This one can be challenging but totally worth it when you realize how much money you can save in single day. I challenge myself often with this because I only work part time and need to make sure my money is going to the right places. If I know I have to buy groceries or gas then I budget my money for those things but that means I don’t buy any snacks or drinks at the gas station or grocery store. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how those few dollars here and there add up!

Clean your bathroom of old or unused products

  • Okay, here is the honest truth… I’m a product hoarder! Whether its samples or full sized bottles I just can’t seem to throw them out! So when I start this project I promise myself that if I don’t absolutely love it or need it then it goes in the trash. By doing this you cut down on your clutter, time spent prepping for the day in the morning, and you make sure that only products you love and stand behind touch your skin!

Define your style and buy staple pieces you love

  • I’ll admit that I do not really have a set style and what I like changes day to day, but knowing the things that I DON’T like or what doesn’t look good on my body shape helps me make good choices when I go shopping. Otherwise I would just throw everything I saw into my cart because I’m a compulsive buyer! Besides, this a great excuse to go shopping!

Set up paperless billing and unsubscribe from magazines or websites you don’t use

  • Besides being a bathroom product hoarder I’m also a paper hoarder. I’m pretty sure I still have junk mail in my drawers from two years ago because it looked interesting. That is definitely a no-no if you are trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle! By going paperless and unsubscribing from magazines and websites that I don’t like or need I also save time and money, both of which I’m sure we could all use more of!


I hope you all enjoyed my list, and would love to hear some feedback on how your one week challenge went! I really enjoyed this challenge so expect to see similar posts in the future!

XOXO Taylor Mae


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